Martial Arts opens the door to an exciting world of high quality values and a never ending circle of learning and self-discovery. The key principles can be summed up in the important values of TRUST, RESPECT AND INTEGRITY that embody the learning which all instructors have gained from their extensive training. We look forward to working with all new members and sharing those values whilst they embark on their journey into Martial Arts.

What happens now

Students are invited to train as often as they wish at any of our venues. Each class can be paid for separately and the cost of each class is £6.00 for children and £7.00 for adults.

On arrival to the first lesson you will be asked to complete a membership form. There is a membership fee of £30.00 for children and £40.00 for adults. This fee will become payable on the fifth lesson and will thereafter be requested annually. The fee ensures that you or your child becomes a full member of Nippon UK and permits entry for events such as gradings and competitions.

In terms of uniform, official Nippon UK Gi’s and Kickboxing T-shirts can be purchased via your club instructor or complete an online order form. Gi’s are priced at £35.00 - £42.00, T-shirts are priced at £12.00 - £15.00 depending on size. We would advise that parents with small children wait four or five weeks before purchasing a uniform or T-shirt.

Nippon UK hold on average three to four grading dates per year for each class at a cost of £30.00 per student, per grading.

Keeping you informed

We will endeavour to only notify you via text or email using the details which you have provided on your membership form. If for any reason you do not wish to be contacted in this way please advise our head office.

Welcome to Nippon UK and the World of Martial Arts.

Our team endeavour to promote the underlying ethos of Martial Arts to all of its students.

To Stay Safe, Be Healthy and to promote Respect, Discipline and Teamwork

Grading Awards

We have been developing and improving our Syllabus system for almost 25 years now, for Adults and Children alike.

Our Grading days take place 4 times a year and are fantastic events! They test the students ability, determination and stamina.

Giving family members the opportunity to watch them progress to their next belt level and see what can be achieved, in such a short space of time.






Black Belts


Advanced Black Belts

A Brief History of Nippon UK

  • May 2016Nippon UK Founded

    Sensei Peter & Katheryne Sharples are now the proud owners of Nippon UK Martial Arts.
  • July 1993Nippon UK Founded

    Founded in 1993 by Sensei Colin Jones, 6th Dan.