Primary Schools

Our most popular programmes is our exciting after school Ju Jitsu classes. These are located in many Primary Schools, within the North West region. A full list of the Primary Schools in which we teach, can be found below.

Lessons start immediately after normal school hours, during term time, providing a great service to more than a thousand of our students and their families.

These classes ensure quality martial arts tuition to many families who do not have time to attend one of our many evening classes. We have recently introduced our new and exciting breakfast clubs. Endeavouring to accommodate as many students as possible.

They are also invited to attend many Special Events, Competitions and Courses.


Students are given the opportunity to gather together many times, during the academic year, to demonstrate their skills and abilities, allowing them to progress towards their Black Belt.

At Nippon UK, we offer free Taster Sessions to schools. This gives the children an idea of what the world of martial arts is all about.

Our Schools Team

Our team come into schools and usually teach each year group for around 20-30 minutes. We cover mat etiquette, discipline, safety and basic Ju Jitsu, self-defence techniques. Our classes are fun and energetic and can engage students who are sometimes reluctant to participate in mainstream sports in schools. We also talk to pupils about our Nippon UK Anti Bullying Policy, which is a very important aspect of all of our Ju Jitsu classes. We then signpost the children to one of our evening or weekend classes in the area.

Secondary Schools

Nippon UK work closely with many secondary schools in the North West. Providing Anti-Bullying Programmes, Enrichment Days, Team Building, Self Defence, Ju Jitsu and Kickboxing Classes.

For more information

Nippon UK are a Children's University Learning Destination. Remember to bring your 'Passport to Learning' along with you each time you train, to earn a stamp!

Our Schools

What our schools say about us!

  • Kevin Loughran
    “Following a number of meetings with different agencies who offer after school activities, I am pleased that I can highly recommend the activities offered by Nippon UK. The martial arts programme they offer for primary schools is particularly impressive. They provide a full day, free of charge, where they will give relevant classes a taste of the activity. They will then arrange for letters to be given out to students inviting them to the after-school club. After arranging appropriate times and days with the Head Teacher, they charge pupils parents direct. All Nippon UK coaches are qualified to a high level and have enhanced DBS clearance. The programmes they offer can be ongoing to ensure sustained participation and development of the children and also identify local clubs for further pathways to community participation.”
    Kevin Loughran
    Partnership Manager Lancashire School Sports
  • Mrs Anne Bleasdale
    “Nippon UK have been a major feature at our school for quite a number of years. The staff and instructors have always been exceptionally professional, both in the organisation and in their conduct. The Ju Jitsu club has proved to be extremely popular with a great number of our pupils and we sincerely feel that it instils in the children, a sense of discipline and control and without a doubt, enhances our children’s learning experience.”
    Mrs Anne Bleasdale
    Headteacher St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School
  • Rachel Lonsdale

    “The taster session provided by Nippon UK gave our children an exciting and engaging introduction to Ju Jitsu. The sessions were suitable for each age group, across the whole school and there was a clear progression from Reception to Year 6.

    All of the staff commented on how fantastic Sensei Lee and the team were, and how his interaction with the children motivated them all. Again, this was evident across the whole age range. After the taster session, a large number of girls and boys (especially from Key Stage 1) were keen to join the after school club and were extremely excited to be learning a whole new set of skills.”

    Rachel Lonsdale
    PE Co-ordinator, SS Mary & Michaels